The brand name is one of the most important thing to a business. Your desired audience identifies your business with your brand name. It is very valuable and in future it has the potential to grow more valuable to your business than the business itself. Consider Facebook or Google as an example. The name of the business instantly clicks into the minds of individuals which has led to exponential growth of the business itself. It may be related to an area of land, value of which doubles up every year due to several factors. One of those factors are the kind of buildings being developed on it.

Your brand name is your exclusive identity. It should be made sure that your audience can spell it and find it on the internet. Consider if your representatives are dealing with a potential lead on a call, and he tells him that the name of your business is : Zeusk. The name cannot be spelled correctly just by listening to it and before you even know, you’ve made an impression on your lead. (What’s that ? Z-I-O-S-Q ? No no). Now, compare that with the name: Zebra. It’s easy to spell, remember and hence go find it in the internet.

How important is for your brand name to match your website address? Very important. The name zebra has just saved your customers of the frustration of spending more than few minutes to get to your website or locate your business on the internet. It would decrease value of your business if you would have zebra dot biz associated with your business instead of zebra dot com. Generic names such has these give more value to your brand on the internet than made-up names.

This is why a successful business may spend millions in acquiring the correct domain name. was acquired for 8,500,000 US dollars in the year 2010 and was acquired for 7,500,000 US dollars in 2006. The dot com version is far more valuable than the other known versions like dot net and dot org.

If you have a business (or just an idea) and want to make your footprint on the web, we can help that materialize.