Choosing the right brand and domain name for your internet presence is crucial for your business. A lot can be learned by looking into the success of billion dollar brands while making a decision as a startup. Some of companies which made to the top this year are:,, and

First thing to note is that , ALL of the brands describe their business niche. Canva, for example, is about creating graphics on a “canvas” while Cabify is regarding booking cabs. How matching is your name is with your business?

Made up words are more brandable than keywords and have their own potential of making it big while being inexpensive. Canva could also have used which is more valuable as a domain name but as a startup that would mean investing more in a name while canva could just have cost them nearly 10 dollars.

Never ever go for plural words and avoid deviating from root words. Adding an extra “s” devalues your brand. Singular words bear far more higher potential. So run is better than ran or running and definitely better than runs.

Stay away from hyphening your domain names like good-players . com and low-ball . net and do avoid prefix and suffix. Short one word brands and domain names make a lasting impact on your audience.

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